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Kupu Pathways

Kupu is excited to announce Kupu Pathways, an initiative created in partnership with Arizona State University. Kupu Pathways offers members of Kupu 'Āina Corps a clear track into higher education, no matter the individual’s financial status or past academic performance. This initiative is designed for participants that are considering higher education or have a passion for continuous learning. It is an excellent opportunity to learn while you earn, at the same time as giving back to the community and environment.

While most Universities require you to undergo lengthy application processes, Kupu Pathways offers a quick and simple alternative. This initiative does not require a certain grade point average for admission. Instead, once you are selected to participate in the year-long Kupu 'Āina Corps Program, you will automatically be eligible to take the courses that you want and in your own time.

For only $25.00 per course, you can enroll in as many or as few courses as your personal schedule allows. The faculty that teaches on Campus at ASU lead the virtual classes on the Kupu Pathway courses.

If you are happy with your performance at the end of each 8-week course, you have the option to purchase the three credits you have earned. This freedom allows you to select the grades you are proud of and to reject those that you are not. Once you have made these purchases the grades will then be displayed within your academic transcript. The purchasing of credits are offered at a highly subsidized rate of $400.00, less than one third the cost you would typically pay to take the same course in person at ASU! Every course is recognized by Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), allowing those that participate to easily cross-credit courses between ASU and other Universities.

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