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Maui Support Resources

View more resources, visit the working Maui Disaster Relief Spreadsheet for drop off sites, shelters, donation sites, and more:

Thank you everyone for helping your community during this heartbreaking time. In the wake of disaster we know that everyone wants to help but often times there is an overwhelm of information so we are working on streamlining everything into one place. Maui Rapid Response, Maui-Mutual-Aid, Maui-strong and a number of nonprofit and direct-aid organizations are coming together to combine efforts. This form has been created to help us to match needs and offers that are coming in on the islands and beyond:

For Active Kupu ʻĀina Corps Participants:

Kupu/ALTRES’ Employee Assistance Program (EAP). One of the many benefits offered through Kupu and ALTRES is an EAP, which is available 24 hours a day, every day. The name of our EAP is GuidanceResources by ComPsych. GuidanceResources is a free, confidential counseling service for employees and their eligible family members who may be experiencing a variety of issues, including relationships, dealing with grief, loss, or disability, and so much more. If you feel the EAP service may be of benefit to you at any time for any reason, you may access benefits by calling 877-847-3271, or logging into HR Symphony. A flyer is attached for more info.

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