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Program Resources

Looking for data report form instructions, Professional Development Reimbursement Program forms, the KAC Participant Handbook, or other important resources? Well, you're in the right place!


Site supervisor approval for Participant Timesheets is due every other Monday at 4:00PM via HR Symphony.

Overtime Requests

Requests for participant overtime hours should be submitted via the form below or here

Important Documents

Below you'll find important documents you may need during the term. 

Sherine S. Boomla (Oahu - Hui Manu O Ku) 04-22-2023.jpg

KAC Bonus Request Form

Members in the Kupu Aina Corps (KAC) Program receive an Hourly Wage and a Retention Bonus paid in two installments: 50% in their 21st pay period and 50% upon completion of end of term requirements.

Any additional Bonuses must be approved by Kupu staff. Requests are to be made by host site managers. Not all requests will be approved.

Master Agreement

Each host site must sign this form prior to beginning their term.

KAC 23-24: Supervisor Orientation Slides

Supervisor orientation PDF slides from 7.13.23

Accident Report

Participants should fill this form out anytime an incident or injury occurs, then promptly send it to their PC. 

Site Supervisor Orientation (VIDEO LINK)

Note: Orientation starts at timestamp 6:13

Standard SOW

Standard Statement of Work

Counseling Notice

This form is used in the case that coaching/counseling/disciplinary action is required.

Site Supervisor Handbook

Site Supervisor Program Manual

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